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The Importance of Trust in the Buying and Selling Process

November 12th 2015

When you begin your real estate journey you will have many ideas about the process. Ideas from friends, family, colleagues and professionals in other industries. Ideas about how negotiations will happen, how showings will unfold, how other agents/parties will behave and what offers will look like.

Sometimes people hire a Realtor to represent them but they default to gathering information and seeking outside guidance from people they trust in other areas of life, people who often lack necessary information or who are inexperienced in understanding real estate, the local market or the local culture of negotiations

Sometimes there are surprises. Unusual requirements, conditions, clauses and variations may present themselves. Sometimes you will feel out of control.

You are hiring your Realtor to navigate those circumstances in a way that protects you best. Occasionally buyers & sellers will  jeopardize an opportunity by responding from a place of fear. Your Realtor should be able to harness your opportunities and mitigate your risks because they have had a wealth of similar moments or experiences to draw upon in representing your interests. You hire them to channel that storehouse of knowledge and experience on your behalf. The worst thing you can do is to reject that data, those skills and that history of negotiations by deferring to someone who is not actively involved in Real Estate or in your local real estate market. It will confuse you and it will frighten you. Many times I have seen it quash excellent opportunites.

You must trust your Realtor to have a successful and smooth transaction.

Ask your Realtor for guidance. Call on their experience. Ask for their opinion. Don't have too many "cooks" in that kitchen. It will get confusing and that confusion can lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Finally, allow the expert you have chosen to operate in a way that empowers you to actualize the best possible outcomes!


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