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Bad Energy. The Elephant in the Room.

January 21st 2018

Real Estate & Energy.

Many times I hear buyers talk about a property having "good energy" or "bad energy" (often kiss of death for a showing if price isn't reflective). 

This has different meanings for people. 

Some people are very spiritual & sensory - they are feelers. Others are very pragmatic. I tend to flip flop all over the place. 

What I have noticed after viewing 1000's of homes is that there are often little tells and clues that are so subtle we may not recognize that we are processing them and attaching them to our experiences.

Stress, trauma, sickness, self-defeat, divorce, abuse often (but not always) leave evidence throughout a property. Little "tells"of neglect are often the result of being overwhelmed, in financial distress or in a place of apathy. 

Buyers absorb the information as they tour a home. 

Mess is experienced as chaos. 

A dirty house is interpreted as apathy etc. 

Poor workmanship or lack of repairs as financial distress.  

Life can be very hard and the one thing I have learned in my line of work is that there isn't a family or person regardless of income, education, successes or appearances who hasn't shouldered heavy burdens, heartbreak or defeat at some time or another. 

It's important that those things don't colour the experience a buyer has in your home when you are selling. 


There are ways to create lighter energy in your home if the energy is feeling too heavy when you decide to sell. Fresh paint and a serious cleaning (including appliances, window sills and changing furnace filters etc) can make a huge difference. You don't have to sustain that picture indefinitely - your buyers are usually only in the house for 15- 60 minutes. You just have to make sure they have the perception that supports your price. If it's not possible to change the energy, recognize your limits, price accordingly and take care of yourself

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