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Finding Perspective - The Key To Managing Stress in the Selling Process

August 20th 2016

I have been involved in countless transactions during my real estate career and every one of them has their own dynamic. 
Because people are different.
They think differently. They act differently. They assume differently. They interpret differently. They expect differently.
They outcome is that people behave differently. 
Where it gets complicated is that we tend to process other people’s behaviours based on our own perspective, values & experiences and then attribute “intention” through our own lens.
This lead to all kind of perceived “offences”.
  • The realtor that booked a showing may have had very good intentions and been directed by her client to cancel a showing at the last moment regardless of attempts to stay the course.  This is one of the most frustrating situations for a seller after preparing their home for a showing. 
  • The interior garage door that was locked so you couldn’t access may have been a diligent effort to secure a home or vice versa they may have left it unlocked with concerns that the seller accesses directly when coming in the garage and didn’t want the seller locked out. 
  • The lights that were on when a realtor arrived may not have been turned off upon leaving as the realtor didn’t want to alter your intended presentation in case there were additional showings. They may have left a small light on for the seller so they didn’t come home to complete darkness.
  • They may have forgotten to leave a card…yes, they are supposed to but occasionally it happens. 

The most common bone of contention occurs when a buyer submits an offer the seller finds offensive – either because their realtor has directed them on valuations for security of future investment or because the buyer has directed their realtor to submit it against their advise.

 Refuse to make it personal. Simply view it as an exercise in finding out whether it’s possible to do business or not.

The best way to keep your own peace is to give people the “benefit of the doubt”...To Believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when you have the option of doing either. 


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