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Second Showings

January 12th 2023

Not all properties have a second showings prior to the buyer deciding to make an offer. It’s certainly a sign of real interest.

As a seller it’s  important to make sure everything is on point for the repeat visit. This is usually when a buyer looks more closely at the home and works through any objections they may have in order to move forward. Sometimes, the buyer realize there is a deal breaker they can’t get past but needed to explore further - this could be financial (upgrades required vs. list price/seller expectation), practical (layout, traffic patterns) or emotional (whether they can imagine themselves living in the property). Sometimes they want the opinion of another family member or trusted party. That person’s feedback can seal the deal or be the nail in the coffin. As a seller you won’t have have any control over the weight of that opinion. 

Sometimes they are assessing the cost to remedy deferred maintenance like roof, windows and HVAC systems etc. Sometimes they are estimating or getting a quote for upgrades that are important to them. It’s important that pricing reflects deferred maintenance & outdated finishes.

Emotional response to the property helps a buyer overcome some of the challenges. Have all your lighting on including ambiant, overhead & lamps. Comfort smells go a long way - fresh ground/brewed coffee, fresh baking etc. Smells that evoke a sense of nurturing in the home. Zero plug-ins! Many people can’t tolerate scents and cut their visits short or in extreme cases stop at the door and cancel the viewing (migraines are a common response). Zero smoking of anything, unless it’s outside. Smoke smells from the garage still enter the house. If you can leave our water bottles, baking and a friendly note that goes a long way on making people feel welcome and like the values guests they are.

In a balanced or buyer’s market make everything count.


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