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Tips for Sellers and Buyers

March 30th 2024


Sometimes mirrors are hung and sometimes mirrors are mounted. BUYERS, make sure to add bathrooms mirrors to the inclusions in your offer so that you don't arrive and find out they were not fixtures and have left the premises. It's hard to get ready for work if you can't see your face. SELLERS, buyers expect bathrooms to have mirrors.  If yours are just hung with a nail, make sure you exclude them in the offer if you plan to take them. Don't assume the buyers knows that they are hung instead of mounted or you will have allot of grief on your moving day.


These are considered fixtures.  The TV/SPEAKER is not and can be removed from the bracket. The bracket is mounted and the complete bracket needs to stay with the house including any bracket parts that are on the TV and or SPEAKER for attachment purposes. SELLERS, if you want them exclude them in the offer. BUYERS, if you want them include them in the offer regardless of the fact them are 'affixed' to the wall. Do not assume the seller will be properly educated by their realtor.

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