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When it comes to selling your home, flexibility is key.

October 9th 2023

When it comes to selling your home, flexibility is key.

Occasionally seller’s believe that buyers should work around their schedule for showings & will be motivated enough to reschedule their viewings. However, in a quiet real estate market, this approach can be detrimental.

Buyers who cannot access a home at a convenient time often don't return. If you turn them away or ask them to come back later, they might move on to other properties they've already seen and become more attached to.

Most buyers will provide 24 hours' notice for showings, but sometimes, you'll get short-notice requests from buyers who are actively viewing homes in your area. The best strategy is to accommodate them if at all possible.

If they can experience your home, it is more likely to stay on their list.

When it comes to selling a tenanted home, there are additional considerations. It's crucial to ensure that both you and your tenants understand the legal requirements. You must give tenants 24 hours' notice for showings, but they can't refuse showings. While you can request that they vacate during showings, they aren't legally obligated to do so. Ideally, your tenants will cooperate by tidying up and presenting the home well. However, selling a tenanted home can be challenging, especially if it's not staged and contains the tenant's furniture, which may not be tailored to the property. Having personal belongings everywhere can give the impression of limited storage and may deter potential buyers. Moreover, having tenants in the home during showings can disrupt the buyer's experience and lead to fewer offers or lower offers. Buyers often prefer privacy to discuss the property with their realtor, assess its potential, and envision themselves living there. Tenants being present in primary living areas can also make spaces feel smaller during tours, impacting the buyer's perception of your property. Additionally, if tenants insist on remaining in the home and handling showings themselves, there's a risk of missed opportunities. Realtors may arrive with interested clients but be unable to access the property if the tenants aren't present or choose not to cooperate. These missed showings are unlikely to be rescheduled.

I've encountered situations where tenanted properties imposed extremely restrictive showing windows, regardless of the 24-hour notice, leading to uncomfortable negotiations and even refused showings. Unfortunately, this often results in the property languishing on the market due to a lack of showings and uncomfortable or declined viewing experiences.

In such cases, it's essential to find a balance between respecting tenants' rights and ensuring that your property is showcased in the best possible light to attract potential buyers. Clear communication, cooperation, and, if necessary, consulting legal advice can help navigate these challenges effectively and ensure a smoother selling process. 

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