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Kilworth Heights takes up most of the area between Komoka and London, Ontario which is south of County Road 14 (Glendon Rd) and north of Komoka Provincial Park and the Thames River. It is separate from Kilworth, which lies along Glendon Rd on the east side of the Thames River and is part of London.

Although Kilworth Heights is part of Middlesex Centre, demographically most of Kilworth Heights is a commuting exurb of London. It has no independent industry, no schools, no major grocery store, no banks, and only two small commercial areas, including child care, veterinarian, restaurant, and a gas bar. All the rest of Kilworth Heights is single-unit residential. "Old" Kilworth Heights, to the east, still relies on individual wells and septic tanks. "New" Kilworth Heights, to the west, receives water and septic services from Komoka. Recent residential development in the western part of Kilworth Heights is responsible for much of Middlesex Centre's population growth.

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