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 Courtesy of Josie Doucette

1Bag PC Chocolate Chip Cookies (or your favourite brand),1 tub Cool Whip, ¼ cup Milk, ¼ cup Kalhua or Baileys or Both!
Mix milk and Kalhua/Bailey’s in a bowl. Dunk your cookies in the mixture and layer bottom of bowl you will be using. Once you have done that, then you can put on a nice layer of Cool Whip, and just repeat procedures as many times as you want.
In between the layers you can add any kind of crushed chocolate and caramel sauce. Example….Crispy Crunch, Caramilk, Butterfinger, Skor……….whatever your hearts desire.
On top you can decorate with Shaved Chocolate or Chocolate Sticks or Ferror Rochero…..again whatever you like. The End …Enjoy!!!

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