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Home Buying With a Vision - The Winding Road for Jen & Steve

November 16th 2015

Jen and Steve took the long and winding road.

A mature lot and established neighbourhood were definitely a priority for their family but properties that met that criteria left them disappointed with the interiors. When they first saw Butternut they knew they had found their neighbourhood and were confident that this was the quality of build they were willing to invest in but Steve couldn't get past the decor so they came, they saw, they left.

And then they returned, not once but twice at lengthy intervals.

Each time they stepped forward to explore the possibility of making it their home they would cool down and disconnect to the point of pursuing other properties. During those times I thought Jen and Steve were "in the wind" and then when I would least expect it the phone would ring and I would hear Jen's voice: "we keep thinking about Butternut".  

Something kept pulling them back. The illusive vision. Fragments of possibilities. Glimpses of home.

3 times around the dance floor where we would break into something like the Hokey Pokey...they would put their right foot in, they would put their right foot out...

Once the ideas started to take shape they brought in their contractor to affirm the possibilites and they knew that this was about to transform from "someone elses house" to their family's home.


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