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Ready to Roll...Accomodating Showings and Why It Matters

July 30th 2016

The more difficult it is for a buyer to book a showing at a property the less likely they will continue to try.

Most agents will do their best to book showings at least 24 hours in advance as they are having to coordinate 3 schedules- the buyer's, the seller's & the agent's.

Occassionally, requests come in that are what we would term "short-notice showing requests".

  • Out-of-town buyers occassionally come to town for a day over the weekend and realize there are additional properties of interest they want to see that day before leaving town.
  • Buyers that are out viewing homes drive past one they missed in their search and are making a buying decision imminently.
  • Shift workers may have later day or early morning showing requests and may have smaller windows to view homes.  

Although seller's have the option to decline these short notice showings I highly recommend accomodating them if at all possible, particularly if rescheduling them another day isn't likely. Purchasers get distracted by the other offerings of the market or simply can't make a return trip before making their buying decision.

Finally, do everything possible to accomodate the golden "second showing". This is a buyer who has been through and is now considering your home more seriously. If you can't leave the property step out to the deck. If the house can't be perfect in time to accomodate them explain the situation to their agent and ask if showing it that way is higher risk than declining the showing.  

Work with the buyers who are most motivated and most interested...their offers will likely be the most attractive.

Losing showings could delay your sale to the point where the public assume there is a lack of consumer confidence in your home and that translates to lower valuations.


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