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Behind the Scenes - Introducing Kate

July 7th 2015

About 6 years ago I met Kate at an open house with her family. A few days later she contacted me and said "I want you to find me my dream home and sell my house!" I could hardly say no to that. But the real magic came after all the real estate happened. Kate continued to call me saying "you are too busy, you need an assistant...I am going to work for you" and I would laugh and tell her that I had no work for her, didn't know what she would do and had no time to figure it out or train her. But she persisted. Finally she said "I will figure it out myself"...and so she did. For almost 6 years now Kate has been a steady force in the background of my business integrating new marketing materials, liasoning with web designers and tech infrastructure, compiling data for clients, keeping everyone up to date, taking courses to enable her to work with local real estate data and integrate that information into our business model. Over the years her role has evolved and changed as life has changed for both of us but she remains as constant force strengthening the service model we provide to our clientelle and picking up the bits of data I throw her way and turning them into meaningful organized information for me. Kate is a dynamic woman with the amazing ability to see the big picture and shine a flashlight on it for me. Althought she started working with me in London through the magic of technology she now works with me remotely and I am deeply grateful for her! 

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