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Yes You CAN Sell Your Pool Property in the Off-Season...

January 8th 2017

Selling a pool off-season doesn't have to be a total loss nor do you have to wait until the end of May to list if circumstances require you to get on the market during the Fall or Winter.
There are several ways to maximize the emotional value of your summer playground while it's blanketed in snow or covered in falling leaves.

If at all possible...plan ahead.

1-Shoot live video in the summer or early fall to use so you are able to showcase your property in it's peak presentation should you have to pull the trigger on a listing mid-winter. Professional video creates the strongest emotional response as dynamic content adds life to the images.

2- The next best option to live video is professional photography in prime pool season with a wide angle lens showing context.

3- Sometimes the need or desire to move comes on short notice. Perhaps a lack of inventory in the winter months presents an opportunity that off-sets the benefit of waiting for pool weather that would be coupled with increasing inventory/competition.  Should you find yourself choosing to sell after you have closed the pool for the season take a look through your personal photos to see what you can find that doesn't showcase Uncle Ralph's belly flops - it's the pool we need the buyers to focus on. It might not be perfect but it's better than the alternative.

4- As a last resort if you can't find any personal photos that will help highlight your outdoor features try to get professional photography of the back yard on a sunny day with blue skies and make sure you shore up remarks with a beautiful narrative full of imagery.

The imagination and the emotion sell the lifestyle amenities.

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