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Buyers - How Much Can the Listing Agent Tell You?

April 20th 2020

Occassionally a buyer-customer will ask me “what is the bottom line the seller will take?"

Here are a few important things to know. 

1- as a listing agent I am working in the best interest of my client and bound by contract to confidentiality about terms of other offers, motivation of the seller and whether the seller will accept less than the listed price. 

2- even if I know I can’t tell you unless I have written permission from the seller. 

3- many times I don’t know. 

4- sometimes the sellers themselves don’t know until they are reviewing an actual offer. 

5- negotiations don’t mean anything in real estate if they aren’t on paper. 

6- if you haven’t been inside a property you won’t have enough information to assess the value. 

7- see the property if it’s within your budget. (Critical detail).

8- if you like it you can begin a conversation with the seller on paper in the form of an offer. 

9- price is important but so are conditions, inclusions & possession date. 

10- there are ways to strengthen the appeal of an offer. 

11- use a professional Realtor®️ to help you navigate the negotiations and the construct of your offer - it will increase your chances of success.



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