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Home Buying With a Vision

September 12th 2015

Courtney and Jeremy got it!

They understood that the first part of their house hunting journey was to make sure that location and lot would set the foundation for the security of their investment in the future. They understood that location and lot can't be altered after a purchase.

But they were underwhelmed by the options of homes available on those lots and in those locations.

Until Courtney and Jeremy had a vision! 

All of the sudden they didn't see the old cabinetry or traditional details, they saw the future!

When you are out house hunting start with lot and location...unless there are unresolvable layout issues you need to try to imagine the space as it should be and in a way that resonates with you. 

What would the sellers have to do to make you want to live here...could you make those changes? Would this become the perfect home for you? If it was already done would you settle for antoher property? If the answer is no then you need to get some answers.

Talk to your lender...can you do a purchase plus improvements so that the costs of the renovation can be rolled into your mortgage?

Can you bridge finance so that you have the property before you need to move in and can complete the renovations ahead of time?

Are you short on ideas but love the location? Brain storm with your realtor...they have seen hundreds of layouts, finishes and ideas...what do they see when they look at the property? Bring in a contractor or designer during one of your showings and listen to thier ideas...what have they done elsewhere in similar spaces?

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