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Why My/Their Buyer Didn't Make an Offer on Your Home- (tongue-in-cheek)

July 1st 2016

WHY DIDN'T MY BUYERS MAKE AN OFFER ON YOUR HOME? The feedback between the lines.

Just in case you are wondering my buyer didn't make an offer on your property after booking a showing and viewing the property there are some things you should know.

If we booked the showing it means that on paper your home had all or most of the things my buyers were looking for- it fit their wish list for right price range, neighborhood, style (2 storey, ranch, # of garages etc) so there was a real possibility that they may made an offer on it!

Spoiler Alert- this is some of the the feedback we often hear from buyers but try to temper before passing along. It is a compliation of years of showings with many personalitites illumitating the most common deal-breakers during a showing. This does not reflect any specific property.

1-YOUR HOME TURNED OUT TO BE A WAY BIGGER PROJECT THAN THEY ANTICIPATED. When we went inside the number of upgrades or projects to be done to maximize the property or make the finishes current was overwhelming for them. They thought they could handle "some" changes but it was daunting...they MAY have considered it if the price was different but they may not have wanted that much hassle anyway. It's a shame you didn't eliminate the appearance of so many projects or at least minimize them so they didn't feel that they were imminent. A fresh coat of neutral paint, less obsolete finishes...even if a couple of those projects hadn't presented themselves as immediate they could have lived with the rest while they decided what they wanted to tackle later.

2- THE HOUSE SEEMED SMALLER THAN IT IS. The spaces were cluttered and your oversized furniture made the rooms appear too small for your things let alone my buyers belongings. If only you had moved some things to temporary storage they could have seen the actual spaces and recognized the possibilities for themselves.

3- YOUR DECOR WAS DISTRACTING AND/OR TERRIBLY OUTDATED My clients are not likely the same age as you if they are looking at starting the stage of life that you are moving away from. They are being wooed and courted by new builds, model homes and properties that have opted to compete with newer builds by updating and glamourizing their spaces. They don't "get" your property- they can't visualize it being anything other than you are presenting to them and they are wowed by the glamour of your competition. Simply put they are being seduced by Runway-"model" home and your property isn't even willing to comb its hair.

4-MY BUYER REALLY NOTICED YOUR LAYOUT CHALLENGE because you didn't engage them emotionally by showcasing the special features that might have made them willing to overlook some minor inconveniences or think outside the box about you to live with your differences. It wasn't what they were used to but they were willing to explore the way it could work if it was the only objection they needed to overcome.

5- YOUR HOME IS DIRTY. It didn't matter how lovely your décor was or your upgrades called to them they couldn't get past the "filth". They saw it on the floors, around the bathtub caulking, the marks on the painted walls, the grease and food residue on the appliances, the hair on the shower floor, the sticky door knobs - I asked them to walk through and see the beautiful private yard, the brand new deck, the upgraded glass shower and granite vanity but they wouldn't come even though I was pulling them with all my strength down the hall. They wanted to get home to shower. I know you thought it was clean and it's clean enough for you but they are so fussy and particular...if only you had known what "clean-freaks" they are you would have hired a professional cleaning service to give it a really thorough polish because the $100 you spent would have been quickly returned in their offer. After all you had everything else going for you! I really thought you were the one!

6- YOUR HOME SMELLS...actually they said it stinks. You don't notice it because your nose is desensitized. The cigarette smoke you think you are hiding in the garage (wink wink), the cat urine that can't possibly exist because you "don't have any pets" (thanks Aunty Sue for letting kitty bunk with you for a couple of weeks), the cooking odours that have permeated your paint, rugs and curtains-...my buyers loved your finishes and your layout but they are afraid that if you couldn't get the odour out when it matters most- trying to get top dollar for your home- they will have to live with it too. With a fresh coat of paint, maybe new carpets and a break from your favorite recipes today could have been the day your sold sign went up. Off the list.

I painted pictures of possible solutions using beautiful imagery and flowery words, I shared resources like reliable trades and decorators but once they disconnected I just couldn't turn that machine back on.

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