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Self-Care During a Move

July 6th 2017

Practicing Self-Care During a Move


Moving house can be exciting, exhausting, overwhelming and downright stressful! From the minute that you decide to look for a new home or decide to list your home for sale (or both!), stress levels are going to be go up. 


There are disruptions in your schedule, meetings, going to look at houses, decluttering and preparing your own home for sale, figuring out the finances, wrapping your head around variable vs. fixed rates, home inspection reports. 


And then there’s packing. Packing all of your worldly belonging into boxes. Deciding what stays and what goes. Feeling that there aren’t enough boxes in the world to actually house your stuff. 


Phew, no wonder moving house can create so many feelings of upheaval!


During times of stress, it is ideal to increase your own self-care to be able to handle the disruptions and cope. However, self-care often disappears when it feels that there is no time and that other things need your attention.


However, incorporating self-care is critical so that you don’t end up burnt out, exhausted and wondering why you wanted to move in the first place.


Self-care is any activity that gives something positive to you; more energy, enjoyment, a feeling of rejuvenating. Self-care does not have to be an elaborate activity that takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, or feels that it is more of a drain than restorative. Especially when you are in the process of transitioning homes, it needs to be something that does not overwhelm you and helps you during the process.


Here are a few quick and easy self-care tips!


  • ¥ create a self-care box. Fill one of your many boxes with things that you enjoy and will appreciate having easy access to. You can fill it with a favourite book, a mug and some bags of your favourite tea, essential oils, anything that provides a sense of relaxation. By having it all in one box, you will be able to quickly get yourself in the self-care zone (and you’ve packed some stuff!)
  • ¥ say NO to other commitments. Now is not the time to start chairing a new committee or organizing a project at work. Focus on your move to decrease the overwhelm.
  • ¥ when your house feels chaotic, go outside for a few minutes. Being in nature can soothe our nerves, is good for our brain and can re-energize us for the tasks ahead
  • ¥ finally, be patient with yourself. While moving can be very exciting, it can also be stressful. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. If you’re feeling sappy and sentimental, that’s okay. If you’re feeling mixed emotions about this change, that’s okay. Anything you feel is okay.


And finally, take a deep breath. Before you know it, this experience will be behind you, you’ll be in your new home and creating amazing experiences and memories.




Dr. Agnes Wainman is a registered clinical psychologist and the founder of London Psychological Services (www.londonps.ca). She helps people ditch the worry, increase joy and live a life that feels right. 

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