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Another Risk to Overpricing Your Home

September 24th 2015

The realtors are your clients too...not just the buyers.

Local realtors already have a built-in audience for your property and often have multiple clients that might be suited to your home.

This is important because...

A property that is priced out of context for it's competition often results in lack of buyer traffic AND lack of REALTOR INTEREST!

Any savvy realtor who shows the property will know that it's unrealistically priced and will make sure their clients know it. They will be showing them homes with better value as they have an obligation to protect the best interests of their clients. What this means is that there is a risk that other agents may not show it or have it on their radar when working with buyers.

You may become invisible. Showings are likely to slow down or not occur at all.

Your realtor may be the only one who shows the property. 

What does that mean to your bottom line?

A larger audience = more consumer confidence = fear of loss = higher offers. 


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