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Advertising Sold Homes - How Much of Your Deal is Private?

November 30th 2021

REAL ESTATE FYI: Did you know that once a house is sold neither the listing no the selling agent is permitted to advertise any details of your accepted offer?

This includes whether it sold under list or over list, the sale price etc.

We are restricted to advertising it as "SOLD"  unless there is written permission from the seller & the buyer- the only parties to the contract.

Until the house changes ownership the buying agent is not permitted to advertise photography of your property without sellers written permission.

As a buyer who has paid a premium in a hot market or a seller who has accepted a low offer for personal reasons this is no one’s business but your own when it comes to advertising.

Sometimes a buying agent will include a clause in the offer guaranteeing their right to advertise the property as sold prior to a change of ownership.

This is a matter outside of the terms of the actual sale & is unrelated to the transfer of ownership. 

The agreement of purchase and sale has only two parties- the buyer and the seller.

When it comes to advertising it’s your business. 

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