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Plays Well With Others

June 16th 2015

There are so many things that I enjoy about my work! Meeting new people and navigating a range of personalities, the creativity that goes into preparing and marketing a property, the evolving world of technology and the possibilities that come with it, the excitement around negotiating an offer. All of these waves of energy combine in a myriad of different ways so that each and every transaction and interaction becomes a unique journey in my career. One of the things that makes my work experience so rich is the opportunity to work with other cutting edge realtors who raise the bar of professionalism on a daily basis. It is a privilege to sit across the table from colleagues who can overcome obstacles and traverse difficult emotional landscapes with grace and resourcefulness. These are the skills that often make or break a deal!  A highly skilled realtor knows how to package and articulate your interests so that they have the best chance of being heard. I cannot count the times that having strong interpersonal relationships with other top producing realtors has resulted in a smooth successful transaction.  It is equally exciting to participate in negotiations where my colleagues and I have been able to disarm potentially combative situations and foster good will between parties…the most fluid and unobstructed path toward a successful negotiation. 

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