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What's in a Colour?

July 18th 2015

Londoners are known to favour classic finishes and neutral décor especially when it comes time to selling - this is reflected in model homes as well so clearly this is what buyers have demanded.

As one seller put it this is a city of "Greige" (grey/beige).

The flurry of activity and multiple offers around the recent sale of a charming home (newer build) with a sunny yellow exterior has me wondering...are Londoners ready for a change of scenery when it comes to color schemes? Are you ready for some vibrant colors? 

Since I have been in the real estate business I have noticed some consistent expectations/trends especially when it comes to decor and finishes in London homes over $400,000.00 - hardwood, granite and crown moulding certainly come to mind.I am starting to see an exciting change...

Slowly but surely there are fresh architectural details and interesting new finishes emerging in the London landscape.  While granite is still popular it is no longer the automatic choice.  The quieter patterns often found in quartz by companies like Caesarstone are quickly becoming strong contenders in this city! Concrete counters which have been around for decades in urban centres like Vancouver are also making their way to London as viable alternatives for all prices points of homes- the high end market as well. I recently saw a 1.2 million dollar home featuring a kitchen that had classic wood cabinetry/granite surfaces and had thoughtfully integrated a concrete surface island...it was spectacular!

 It doesn't take more than a drive through Old south and Foxfield or to see that whether they are "in-fill homes" or new builds there is a demand for more contemporary designs than ever before.

But even with the diversity of design and finishes that are emerging the neutral pallette remains a steady backdrop.

It's an exciting time for London for sure as options expand and creativity is celebrated - are Londoners ready to embrace bolder, vivid colors too as we evolve? 


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